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Classmaster White Pencil Erasers Pk45 Pack of 1 Classmaster Pencil Eraser White Pes45 Pk45 Erases graphite from paper without smudging or tearing. Each eraser is individually shrink wrapped to maintain freshness. Size: 32 x 23 x 9mm. For more erasers see page 96.
(6.85% discount)
Inc Vat £3.59
Inc Vat £6.68
Q-Connect White PVC Eraser Pk20 Pack of 20 Premium quality sleeved plastic eraser erases graphite from paper without tearing or smudging. 60 x 22 x 11mm.
(76.01% discount)
Inc Vat £9.30
Swash Premium Colour Pencil Erasers Pk32 Pack of 1 Swash Premium Pencil Erasers. Erases graphite from most surfaces - paper, card, tracing paper, OHP transparencies and matte drafting film. Made from environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber. Free from PVC, phthalates and latex.
Inc Vat £9.52
Inc Vat £12.60
Staedtler Mars Eraser Pk20 526-50 Pack of 20 Staedtler Mars Plastic Premium Quality Eraser. Removes graphite from paper, tracing and drafting film.
(30.95% discount)
Inc Vat £21.18
White Pencil Erasers Pk20 Pack of 20 Pack of white pencil erasers. Cleanly erases pencil marks. Made from strong plastic. Sleeve for secure grip. Supplied in retail box. Pack of 20 erasers.
Inc Vat £34.50
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